From 1 Billion Vegetables to only 1,500 Cases of Wine


Hearthstone Vineyard & Winery was established in 1999 when Hoy Buell, a Cal Poly graduate and horticulturist for 32 years, combined his planting and growing expertise with his love for fine wines. It was then that he first planted a parcel in the heart of majestic Adelaida, developing what is now Hearthstone Vineyard. The first vintage from Hearthstone débuted in 2003.
Hoy also owns Greenheart Farms - one of the largest vegetable transplant, cyclamen and rose producers in the world. Through Greenheart, Hoy has been involved in several reclamation projects in the United States. He grew 2.5 million pine trees to replant deforested Louisiana, 2,600 acres of saltgrass for the Owens lake restoration project and is currently under contract for the Colorado River re-vegetation project; propagating, transplanting and reestablishing native plants to eight thousand acres of their indigenous habitat. Besides the 1 billion row crop vegetables grown every year, Greenheart is instrumental in developing food and fiber for the future; a   native rubber from the desert southwest, A natural palatable   sugar substitute stevia, and  cellulosic grasses for new energy sources. In 2011 Greenheart has been certified as a sustainable nursery. The nursery also has the largest organic vegetable transplant production in the industry. Greenheart  produces florist quality finished poinsettias every year and flowering pot rose; these lovely flower types are shared during the year with Hearthstone wine club members.                                  
Hoy has dedicated his life to successfully growing a wide variety of plants, so it is no surprise that he planted one of the most diverse vineyards in Paso Robles.  Not only does the Hearthstone Vineyard include 20 different varieties of grapes, Hoy further diversified the vineyard with up to seven different clones per grape.  When you look across the planted 40 acre vineyard, you can see many plant variations and start to understand how each grape variety has vast and minute differences from one another. 
Once a vineyard is planted, the work does not stop there. If a particular clone of a Grenache is not performing to expectations, for instance, Hoy will graft those vines to a different clone. This practice continually improves the vineyard, in order to produce the best wines possible. “My intent is to grow most of my favorite varieties and make interesting blends as well as straight varietals. We have several of the popular wine blends found in the world, but of course are unique to our style and terroir”, says Hoy.  For more information about Hearthstone’s vineyard practices please click on the VINEYARD tab to the left.
Sharing a passion for wine and their love of the Adelaida vineyard land, Hearthstone’s owner, Hoy Buell and winemaker Paul Ayers teamed up in 2007 with the common vision of designing and producing exceptional wines, and offering creative blends. Paul Ayers also enjoys the diversity and is able to control the nuances of many lots of wine each year, sometimes 15 or more separate small batches. By only working in small batches Paul is able to retain the subtle variation of flavors that each clone possContact Hearthstone Vineyard and Wineryess; resulting is in layered, complex, premium wines. To continue to read about Hearthstones wine click on WINEMAKING to the left.