Hoy Buell – Owner/Grower
The summer of 1998 was a hard one for Hoy Buell, who had just finished grafting and growing hundreds of thousands of wine grape plants for growers on California’s Central Coast. As a confirmed horticulturalist and collector of fine wines, he watched jealousy as carefully grafted vines featuring new French clones as well as old favorites made their way into waiting fields - a planting boom was exploding in San Luis Obispo County! What was really hard for him was having to watch as new vineyards sprung up along the country road leading to his weekend sanctuary in the quiet, majestic foothills of the Paso Robles Adelaida region.

By the spring of 1999, his fascination and desire turned to obsession and he sprung into action. After searching for the best wine grape land, he found a rugged and rocky hillside location adjoining his country ranch. The rest is history! Besides growing grapes and making wine, Hoy is the owner of GREENHEART FARMS in nearby Arroyo Grande. Established in 1979, Greenheart® has grown to become one of California's leading vegetable transplant producers, and one of the largest rose producers in the world. Greenheart is also innovative and active in research and production of reclamation and energy crops. With three facilities in California and one in the Desert Southwest, the nursery ranks as one of the largest in the nation. In excess of one billion plants a year are propagated.

Paul Ayers – Winemaker
Spanning over 20 years, Paul’s winemaking experience has involved every aspect of the craft from vineyard, to crush pad, to cellar, lab, and back again. He has worked in assistant winemaking positions at Mission View and Robert Hall wineries in northern San Luis Obispo County, and as principal winemaker at San Marcos Creek winery and Paso Robles Wine Services.