Wanna be a farmer?

August 24th, 2015

Our vineyard tours are starting again this week and packages are available to purchase on our website. For $35 your party of two can walk in the vineyard and learn the secrets about growing wine grapes and how the drought has effected vineyards in Paso Robles. Our goal is to share our story and give you a sample of our farming operation. We hope our passion for the growing of vines can spread and inspire each of you. These tours are given Thursdays through Saturday at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00. After purchasing your ticket you will need to make an appointment by calling the tasting room. These tours are by appointment only and you will need to pre-purchase your package. We hope to see you out there!

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Grand Opening Success

May 26th, 2009


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Last week was our official Grand Opening. I have to say that it was a great success!

On Friday evening we hosted all local hospitality folks for free wine tasting, great local cuisine and Olea Farm olive oil tasting. We featured three of our unique blends and a couple of our single varieties. Our 2006 Grenache was a highlight for sure, followed by our 2004 Syrah and 2005 Slipstone Rhone blend. As limited as our parking is everyone made it here, and home safely!

Saturday was outstanding! We had guests waiting outside our doors before we even opened. Hoy was here with his family to shake hands and talk wine. Paul even joined in on the action and gave each guest a quality experience. From 3:00pm until a little after closing we had the same delicious cuisine of paella, rosemary pork and penne pasta to pair with our wines. Everyone who came through left very pleased with at least two bottles of wine. The entire day was a huge hit!!


Sunday was another busy start with lots of people treating their fathers for the day. As expected traffic lessened toward the end of the day giving all of us a chance to recuperate from the rest of the weekend.

Overall…incredible success! Thank you all for your support!


March 17th, 2009

Simply put, decanting is just transferring wine from the bottle into another container (the decanter) before serving. Sound silly?

So what is decanting all about and when is it necessary if necessary at all? The two reasons to decant wines are to aerate young wines and separate sediment from older wines.


Young wines, particularly red, benefit from decanting by softening more coarse tannins and by revealing more of its flavor. For old wines, decanting separates the bitter or unsightly solids that have dropped to the bottom of the bottle known as sediment.

Wine could also be destroyed by oxygen. Very old wine should be consumed immediately after decanting. Although decanting will separate th

e sediment, too much oxygen will take away the small 15 minute window of pleasure you could have enjoyed from that 1945 Burgundy. If you decide to decant an old bottle of wine, do it immediately before service, not hours ahead of time.

Proper decanting requires forethought and a steady hand. If you really want to get “geeky” with it, there are specific decanters for specific wines. Younger wines benefit from larger bottomed decanters because of the surface area. But, any old carafe and decanter will do the job. For the older wines with sediment, it is beneficial to remove the entire capsule to be able to see the sediment as it reaches the neck of the bottle.

Really…that’s it. Plus, wine looks so much more sophisticated when it’s in a pretty crystal container. Wine tasting 101 still soon to come!

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Wine Tasting 101

April 25th, 2009

The best way to truly enhance your pallet is to taste as many wines as possible. There is no standard taste in wine. There is generally no right or wrong answer either. However, there are typicities to each variety that make them unique and easier to recognize. Here are the five basic steps to wine tasting that will assist you in developing a better understanding of wine.

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The first thing you should notice about wine is the color. The best way to get a real good look at the color is to have a white background and to tilt the glass at an angle in front of it. Color plays a major roll in recognizing if you are about to drink a young wine or an old wine. White wines become darker with age and red wines lose their color with age. White wine may also be different in color because of oak aging and because of difference in variety.

Swirling is the next part of wine tasting. We swirl wine because we love it, but the main reason is to aerate the wine and release vapors from the sides of the glass. As the wine mingles with the oxygen we enjoy its bouquet. Simply put…swirling releases more aromas in the wine.

Next is smelling the wine. This is the most important part of wine tasting and most people do not spend enough time on it. The average person can actually identify over 2000 different scents, and wine has hundreds on its own. Believe it or not, smelling the wine in your glass more than once will give you a much better perception of what your smelling too. Try it! Sniff once, twice then three times. The third smell will give you much more insight to the wine then the first or the second.

Determining the nose of the wine really helps in identifying the wine’s characteristics. I think that most people are still so intimidated by the notion of right and wrong answers that they /we often look to others opinions. I try so hard not to be subjective, so making comparisons to style is more helpful for people, then there are others who just have to know what I smell. It all takes practice.

Now we taste. You can only actually perceive four tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. When you taste wine you should leave it in your mouth for three to picture-1five seconds to really let your taste buds work. Be aware of where sensations occur on your tongue while its rolling around in your mouth. Remember there are only four tastes, but there is no salt in wine. That makes it easier right?

Sweet is detected on the tip of the tongue, so it will be recognized right away! Acidity is found on the outer part of your tongue as well as on your cheeks. Typically white wines have a higher and more noticeable acidity content than red wines. Bitterness is tasted on the back of the tongue and not so desirable in wine.

So what is tannin and how do we taste it? Tannin is not a taste but an actual sensation. The sensation of tannin begins in the middle of your tongue and if there is a lot of tannin in the wine it can actually coat your whole mouth and block out the fruit. Other times when a red wine is consumed to young or if it has been aged in oak the tannin will dry your mouth much more.

There is my take on the simplicities of wine tasting. Now, we savor! Enjoy your wine! Maybe take a minute to reflect on what you’ve experienced. What style of wine is it? Was there any sugar  in the wine or how acidic was it? Which characteristic really stood out and did you like it or not? The key to great wine is balance and, if you like it or not. Discovering what it is that you dislike is the challenge.

Snow in Paso Robles?!

March 4th, 2011

Last Saturday, February 26, we had the rare opportunity of snowfall at Hearthstone Vineyard in Paso Robles! Below you can see a picture of our vineyards covered in snow in Adelaida, as well as at our tasting room off Vineyard Dr.

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Snow in Paso Robles


February 13th, 2011

When a viticulturist is choosing what variety to plant, another important factor must be taken into consideration: the clone. The clone of a grape is basically its subdivision within the variety, or a further distinction beyond its varietal. Vines of a particular clone are all originally from a mother vine, resulting from spontaneous genetic mutations that occur in the vines over time. Different clones are chosen based on their individual characteristics; budbreak, berry color, disease resistance, cluster size, yield, flavors, and aromas are all characteristics that can be a result of the clonal selection. Winemakers will often utilize a variety of clones in order to create the complex, well-balanced wine they hope to achieve.


Here’s a look into what clones are used to make the unique wines of Hearthstone Vineyard:

Hearthstone’s Cabernet Sauvignon includes clones 337 and 4. Clone 337 is a French clone and is commonly the clone of choice for this varietal in California. This clone is chosen for its small berries and moderate yield in the vineyards. Wines produced from this clone are often complex with a concentrated flavor profile. Clone 4 originated in Mendoza, Argentina and results in moderate yields and strong flavor intensity with great color, aromas, and balance in the wines.

There are at least fourteen clones of Sangiovese that are recognized in the world of viticulture. With this varietal, we use the Brunello clone, which is perhaps the most popular clone of Sangiovese.

Now, let’s talk about Pinot Noir. In our own vineyard alone, there are 8 clones of Pinot Noir. Why so many? This allows for Paul to be more specific in choosing what flavor profiles he hopes to exhibit in the wine. When it comes to fermenting the juice, Paul aims toferment the juice by clone or a combination of two clones in order to gain an accurate depiction of the flavor profile imparted by the clone. Our clones of Pinot Noir include #16, #32, #115, Pomar 4, #667, #777, DRC, and HMR; the majority of the Pinot Noir is made up of the DRC and HMR clones. Here’s a closer look into a few of those clones:

#115 – This clone has played a pivotal role in the development of Pinot Noir in California’s vineyards and often serves as the backbone to the structure of a Pinot Noir.

#667 – This clone orginated in Dijon, France, and is often chosen for its high tone aromas and great finish on the palate. As a result of the tannins it produces, this clone is also chosen for aging potential.

#777 – Also of Dijon origin, clone #777 is rather rich and dark, producing a velvety mouthfeel in the wine. Clone #777 is known for producing intriguing and complex wines.


I hope this has helped you learn more about clones in the world of winemaking!

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Upcoming Releases at Hearthstone Vineyard

March 19th, 2011

With summertime around the corner, we have some exciting upcoming releases at Hearthstone Vineyard! Last Saturday winemaker Paul & friends bottled four lots of wine – the 2010 Pearl Delight, 2010 Grenache Rosé, 2008 Grenache and 2009 Pinot Noir. While the Pinot Noir still needs much time to age  in the bottle, we are excited to announce the upcoming releases of the Pearl Delight and Grenache Rosé! Check out the link below for a glimpse at how a bottling line operates:

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Bottling the 2010 Pearl Delight

The Pearl Delight is Hearthstone Vineyard’s first dessert wine, made from a blend of Viognier and Roussane. What differentiates the Pearl Delight from the Pearl is that the Viognier is a late harvest Viognier, meaning that the grapes were picked late in the harvest season when they were overripe and had high sugar contents.  Dessert wines are different from table wines in that they can contain anywhere from 5 to 30 percent residual sugar, or even more. Residual sugar is the sugar leftover from fermentation, which occur as a result of fermentation being stopped before the yeasts process all the sugar into alcohol. With such high amounts of residual sugar, it is key for a dessert wine to have the right amount of acidity in order to achieve balance. The 2010 Pearl Delight is a well-balanced wine with aromas of tropical fruit and honey, a creamy mouthfeel, and a long finish.

The Grenache Rosé was made from what is called a saignée, a winemaking method where you “bleed off” the juice after it has had brief contact with the skins. The brief skin contact allows for the wine to gain its pink hue, yet prevents it from becoming fully red in color. This wine is sure to be a refreshing choice on the hot summer days Paso Robles is known for.

Both of these wines will be released during the 2011 Paso Robles Wine Festival Weekend, taking place May 20-22. We can’t wait to share them with you!


Upcoming Releases at Hearthstone Vineyard

A Little Bit About Pinot Noir

March 4th, 2011

With Pinot & Paella taking place this weekend, we thought we’d share with you some information on Pinot Noir! Originally from the Burgundy region of France, Pinot Noir has become internationally recognized for its ability to produce some of the world’s finest wines. Historically, the first recorded reference of Pinot Noir was in 1375, though the vine had been cultivated for centuries prior in Burgundy. Nowadays, Pinot Noir is planted around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the U.S. In the U.S., Pinot Noir is mostly grown in Oregon and California, though it can also be found in New York, Washington, and Michigan. Some of the best Californian Pinot Noirs are found here in San Luis Obispo county, Santa Cruz mountains, Russian River Valley of Sonoma, Monterey County, and the Santa Rita Hills of the Santa Ynez Valley. Incredibly, ampelographers estimate there to be anywhere from 200 to 1,000 clones of Pinot Noir worldwide.



Optimum growing conditions for Pinot Noir are warm days and cool nights; too much heat can cause an overripe, cooked flavor in the wine, while too little heat can cause the wine to be thin and pale. This variety is also vulnerable to spring frost due to being one of the earliest-leafing varieties. It is also a perfect host for the sharpshooter leafhopper, a devastating bug that can potentially wipe out a vineyard as a carrier of Pierce’s Disease. Leaf roll virus has a tendency to infect Pinot Noir vines older than ten years old as well. The Pinot Noir vine is not a vigorous crop, meaning vines often lack the sufficient leaf cover to shelter the fruit from birds. With careful attention, a healthy Pinot Noir crop can make for an extraordinary wine.


Generally, Pinot Noir wines tend to be of light to medium body with a garnet color. Typical primary aromas and flavors  resulting from the grape itself include cherry, strawberry, raspberry, ripe tomato, rose petal, cinnamon, sassafras, rhubarb, and green tea. Depending on where the Pinot Noir is planted, its terroir can give it flavors and aromas reminiscent of mushroom, earth, truffle, and leather. Furthermore, its time in barrel can grant it aromas of vanilla, oak, smoke, and toast.


Here are notes on our 2007 Pinot Noir:


A pretty wine, this vintage is light in color, yet possesses intriguing depths of flavor. Bright red in color with fresh strawberry, dried cherry and a hint of musky rose precede flavors of fig, tea leaf and plum skin. Pair with mild or soft cheeses, as well as earth-flavored food and dishes. Enjoy some dark chocolate with this lovely Pinot anytime.


Winemaker Paul’s commentary on the wine: “The Pinot Noir growing in the Hearthstone Vineyard is carefully monitored and grows on a north east slope to reduce the heat in summer and avoid afternoon sun. Pinot Noir is also one of the more difficult wines to ferment. Partly due to the presence of 18 amino acids, which are naturally balanced in this variety, Pinot Noir ferments violently, often “boiling” up and out of its container. Although this wine needs more attention than other varietals, it produces a large spectrum of berry flavors and can be enjoyed with many foods.”

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We’ll also be pouring our 2008 Pinot Noir at Pinot & Paella – a vintage that expresses deeper and bolder wine characteristics than the 2007 vintage. The two wines are very different from each other and we look forward to pouring them for you!




Be a winemaker for the day! Blending parties are on their way!

March 1st, 2013

Hearthstone will be hosting a series of blending parties to be enjoyed at the tasting room this spring. If you missed out on the blending secrets from our winemaker Paul Ayers during our fall and winter series, then you now have your chance to participate. We are offering tickets at $40 per couple and $32 for wine club members. Each couple can blend their own bottle of wine and make their own label.   The couple with the wine maker’s favorite blend will receive a gift at the end of the blending party. There will be cheese and appetizers provided by Vivant Fine Cheese. Check out the dates below and contact us for reservations so you can flex your palate and build your wine making skills!

  • May 17th, 2013: 4:30pm-6:30pm (Friday)
  • June 1st, 2013: 12pm-2pm (Saturday)
  • June 7th, 2013: 4:30pm-6:30pm (Friday)

To make your reservation call the tasting room today at (805)238-2544 or visit our website and select the “purchase” option at the top of the page where you can find available tickets. We do ask that all tickets are purchased upon reservation. 

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The last weekend of June!

August 28th, 2014

paso robles vineyard tourAs usual, this first summer month was a hot one. But, we still had a lot of fun. We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to the tasting room and kicked off our summer vineyard series. Beginning again on July 11th we will be learning more about how a grape ripens and why that is important to wine. Contact the tasting room for details on the package. Also, Monday June 30th is the last day to place a wine order to be shipped.

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2009 Fireside Claret ~ 15% off !

August 18th, 2014

Thank you Paul for your holiday spirit. As a Merry Christmas to you and yours we are extending the sale on our 2009 Fireside Claret. Come in this weekend or until the 31st and receive 15% off of the Claret. If you are already a wine club member, we will stack this discount on top of yours. Cheers!

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Jack Frost is in the Vineyard!

December 14th, 2015

Every year around Thanksgiving the same question presents itself at the tasting bar. “Why are the grapevines dead?” Please, let us reassure you, without death there is no life. This is the natural order of the vine. Each Autumn the leaves turn brown and fall. Just like a tree! This leaves the vine bare with a few stragglers looking discolored and rotten, maybe there is even a shriveled up cluster of grapes hanging on for dear life. Because after we harvest our choice fruit, the vine continues the process of photosynthesis. This creates carbohydrate reserves which the vine will store in its trunk and root. Once it has filled itself full to satisfaction the chlorophyll in the leaves begin to break down and the leaves begin to change to their fall colors. Then, when the temperatures fall low enough, the leaves drop. This signals to the vine to stop its metabolic activity. The vine is asleep, it has gone dormant. This stage in the vines yearly cycle is argumentatively the most important stage. This is the time when we will go through the vineyard and prune back growth that is unnecessary to the next year. Because, while the vine is sleeping, it will not bleed its water and sugar. Instead it will heal over and harden where we cut. Shortening its size so it can grow again without detrimental affect. It is conserving all of its stored energy so that when the Spring comes it can burst forth, all at once actively, visually, and effectively producing new growth.

Cab Franc for Christmas!

November 5th, 2015


With the weather chilling and the rain falling we’ve had some time to sit and mull over our favorite wine for the holidays. The 2010 Cabernet Franc is tasting so great right now that we are going to give an additional 15% off to our wine club members. This offer is through the tasting room only as we only have 25 cases left. To get in on the goods call the tasting room at (805)238-2544 or email Renee directly at

Sculpture Slam with Bob Schuerman!

September 24th, 2015

I hope everyone can stop by and cheer on Bob! He will have a sculpture on dislplay. Also, Hearthstone’s Roussanne will be served at the reception and Josslyn and Renee will be pouring.

Check out this link for the when and where!

Sept. 19th food and wine pairing

September 3rd, 2015

From 3pm-6pm Hearthstone Estate will be featuring 3 wines newly awarded by Josh Reynolds and 3 of our winemaker’s favorite barrel samples of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, & Petit Verdot. Pair these Hearthstone favorites with appetizers themed from various regions of the world. Appetizers will be catered by Fig Good Food. This food and wine pairing will cost $10 and your fee will be waived per bottle purchase.To celebrate we will be staying open an extra hour on the patio.

Pinot Noir 2015

August 27th, 2015

Our Pinot Noir came in on Tuesday at 24.5 brix. Its a heavy bin at 1,215 lbs. We sorted a bit of fruit to keep the most quality for our fermentation.
Here is the Pinot Noir after its been sorted. You can’t see, but there is a layer of whole cluster at the bottom of the bin. That way there will be some stem left for pepper and tannins.
The fruit travels down a conveyer belt that we call a sorting table. There is a bin in the center that removes the grapes from the stems. The grapes continue down the line to be sorted through and saved for fermentation while the stems are dropped down into this bin. We also discard the unwanted fruit into this bin leaving only the choicest quality fruit to be turned to wine.

Hearthstone’s Estate’s Timeless Collection

August 7th, 2015

Timeless Collection available now

Storing a wine to visit later down the road is a tradition celebrated by amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Here at Hearthstone we see eyes light up with every wine we pour and claim to be age worthy. Now we have put together a collection for you whether this a new adventure or a practice you have celebrated with our wine already. If you are a wine club member this offer is available to you. Because our case packages are limited this package can only be purchased from the tasting room by phone or in person.

$180 includes: 4 bottles of the 2010 Bruno Di Paso

4 bottles of the 2010 Fireside Claret

4 bottles of the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon


Blending party magic!

August 3rd, 2015

What a day! Blending our own bottles of wine and lamb burgers! It was almost too much to handle. A big thank you to Hearthstone supporters for coming out, we had a full house. We made new friends, two people came all the way from Alaska. label competition

Lamb burgers August 1st!

July 24th, 2015

Hearthstone’s signature lamb burgers are back in action with several backyard barbecues lined up for our patio. What better way to enjoy our wine and your afternoon. Your burger and a garden salad will be served up for just $10 from12pm until sold out (usually around 4pm).The cost does not include your wine tasting. No reservations are required.

Glitter is getting back on track!

July 17th, 2015

We have wonderful news! Thanks to generous donations from our wine club members we were able to take Glitter in for a proper diagnosis on her ear. Because it is squamous cell carcinoma, all we need to do is remove her ear and expect a full recovery. As love and support flows in we will be making her excision appointment in the next few months. All of Glitter’s loved ones in the tasting room are very grateful and thankful for the ongoing support. Stay tuned for an update next month when we schedule her appointment.