Upcoming Releases at Hearthstone Vineyard

March 19th, 2011

With summertime around the corner, we have some exciting upcoming releases at Hearthstone Vineyard! Last Saturday winemaker Paul & friends bottled four lots of wine – the 2010 Pearl Delight, 2010 Grenache Rosé, 2008 Grenache and 2009 Pinot Noir. While the Pinot Noir still needs much time to age  in the bottle, we are excited to announce the upcoming releases of the Pearl Delight and Grenache Rosé! Check out the link below for a glimpse at how a bottling line operates:

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Bottling the 2010 Pearl Delight

The Pearl Delight is Hearthstone Vineyard’s first dessert wine, made from a blend of Viognier and Roussane. What differentiates the Pearl Delight from the Pearl is that the Viognier is a late harvest Viognier, meaning that the grapes were picked late in the harvest season when they were overripe and had high sugar contents.  Dessert wines are different from table wines in that they can contain anywhere from 5 to 30 percent residual sugar, or even more. Residual sugar is the sugar leftover from fermentation, which occur as a result of fermentation being stopped before the yeasts process all the sugar into alcohol. With such high amounts of residual sugar, it is key for a dessert wine to have the right amount of acidity in order to achieve balance. The 2010 Pearl Delight is a well-balanced wine with aromas of tropical fruit and honey, a creamy mouthfeel, and a long finish.

The Grenache Rosé was made from what is called a saignée, a winemaking method where you “bleed off” the juice after it has had brief contact with the skins. The brief skin contact allows for the wine to gain its pink hue, yet prevents it from becoming fully red in color. This wine is sure to be a refreshing choice on the hot summer days Paso Robles is known for.

Both of these wines will be released during the 2011 Paso Robles Wine Festival Weekend, taking place May 20-22. We can’t wait to share them with you!


Upcoming Releases at Hearthstone Vineyard