Hang time on the vine!

August 7th, 2014

estate grown zinfandel in paso roblesPictured is a great example of zinfandel experiencing veraison, transitioning from green to purple. Zinfandel is notorious for wanting to ripen unevenly, with one side ripening first and then the other following. This is why shoot thinning is so important for a zinfandel vine. Removing excess foliage allows sun to evenly touch the grape clusters allowing for more even ripening.

Veraison can last for several months depending on the local climate. During this time the grape is developing sugar, acid, tannic, and mineral structures making this phase in development crucial.

Climate and variety plays the deciding roles in ripening a grape and the date of harvest. In hot climates grapes may be harvested as soon as 30 days after veraision if they are a soft skinned berry. Much cooler climates can take as long as 70 days after veraison to fully develop, especially if the berry itself is thick skinned. Last year we harvested in October across the board due to a beautiful weather pattern of warm sunny days and cool nights lengthening the growing season.

Holidays at Hearthstone!

December 13th, 2013

hearthstone estateThe holidays are finally upon our tasting room now that our beautiful poinsettias have arrived. Come and get yours today! They will add a festive cheer as we get ready for our open house that is to take place on December 21st from 12-4 where you can try our new release of Syrah. Wont your first sip of our new 2010 Syrah be better by a lighted tree and yellow spotted poinsettias? We hope to see you there!

Its bottling time!!!

August 23rd, 2013

These photos show all of the hard work put out by our wine maker and crew. From left to right: capsule tightening on our bottling line,  here is the back end of the truck that holds the machinery to bottle our wine, after being labeled and filled a bottle of our wine shows itself off,and lastly our labels being put on the bottles. Get excited for our new fall wines. They include an all new Pioneer, Syrah, Sangiovese, Lodestone, Tempranillo, Grenache, and a few more surprises to come!

bottling winewine bottling linewine countrybottling line paso robles winery

We’re getting ready to bottle our wine!

March 7th, 2013

hearthstone vineyard and winery

As you are all aware, there are many festivities coming up this Spring to keep our winemaker Paul Ayers really busy. To top it all off, he is getting ready to bottle some new Hearthstone wine. Our 2012 Pearl, 2012 Roussanne, and 2012 Grenache Rose are coming soon. As we speak, we are getting ready to move our wine from our barrels into tanks necessary for our bottling hook-ups. You can learn more about this special operation and the machinery used by clicking this link and watching our YouTube video. It might seem like quite the operation, but without this machinery, our assembly line would move ten times as slow. Keep these fun facts in mind next time you pop open Hearthstone wine. I hope you are all as excited as we are about these upcoming releases!