Sept. 6 dinner on the patio

August 28th, 2014

With the end of summer in tow we are experiencing delicate and warm breezes, crisp and clean air, and beautiful sunsets coming earlier each night. Come enjoy all of these comfort qualities of the harvest season on our patio from 5-8pm while sipping fine wine and munching on tacos catered by Los Robles Cafe. Musical ambiance will be provided live by Wind & Waves. Tickets are $10/person and $5/club member. Our most recent evening on the patio sold out early so be sure to RSVP by either calling the tasting room or emailing me at

July 5th Independence BBQ!

June 16th, 2014

In honor of Independence in our country Hearthstone Estate is serving up a bbq of tri-tip and other goodies to go along side an award winning wine selection, fun music, and great weather from 12-3pm. Tickets are $20 and include a meal and a flight of 6 wines. Contact the tasting room if you have questions.

Fruit Set: Fun on today’s vineyard tour

June 14th, 2014

Each Spring the growth cycle of our vines begin with bud break. In Paso Robles, this stage begins around March/April when tiny buds on the vine start to swell until shoots grow from the buds. This is when the first sign of green in the vineyard arrives.  After bud break the process of flowering begins with little flower clusters appearing at the end of the small shoots looking like buttons.  Soon after, the flowers begin to grow to an observable size. It is during this stage that the pollination and fertilization of the grapevine takes place with the resulting product being a grape berry. Fruit set follows flowering almost immediately when the fertilized flower develops a seed and then a berry to harbor that seed. In Paso Robles, this normally takes place in May/June. This stage is important as it decides the potential crop yield. Following fruit set, the berries are unripe, firm, and very bitter. They have little sugar and elevated acids. They begin to grow to about half  of their final size when they enter this stage of veraison. This stage signals the beginning of the ripening process which will be discussed during the next phase of our vineyard tour series.

Thank you to those who gave all

May 27th, 2013

memorial day weekend

Technically the calendar says summer doesn’t start until June, but Memorial Day weekend is an unofficial start to a summer of barbecues, parades, and all-around fun. But let’s not forget what the holiday is really all about; a patriotic tribute to our fallen, the men and women who gave their lives so we might be free. Remember those who gave their lives for us and may we not take our freedom from tyranny for granted.

Wine taste in style this Memorial Day weekend

May 25th, 2013

paso robles wine country

Roll out to wine country where fun and excitement are a short way away. We are having a great time at our tasting room here at Hearthstone Estates. Pictured here is a car belonging to wineclub members Mr. & Mrs. Roseberry. They came with friends the old fashioned way.

Mother’s Day is special! Come to Hearthstone!

February 4th, 2013

Hearthstone vineyard & winery

Your mother may be the woman who gave birth to you and she may not. But, your mother is the person who has dried every tear, cheered for you at every celebration, keeps what is best for you as her #1 priority(even when telling you no), and has continued to love you and will do so until the day she dies. Everyone at Hearthstone understands this special love and would like to provide a way for you to share the day over a bottle of wine and a picnic while enjoying a view that is almost as beautiful as her. On Sunday the 12th, every bottle purchased to be enjoyed out on our patio will be discounted 10%. If you are a Wine Club member, you will receive this discount on top of your existing benefits. We hope you can enjoy the day with us, see you soon!

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